Transparency is a buzzword these days. A quick search on Google gives you 3 billion and some related pages, it must be a hot topic. Running our business in an open and accountable manner is just plain common sense, though rumour has it some CEO's think otherwise. That's a topic for another day.

In keeping with the T-word tenets, here's a bit of news. Our clock side of the business is taking some time off (pun unintentional). Michael had eye surgery in early January, and while there's no cause for alarm and he's healing well, it does slow down production. Fortunately for jewellery lovers, Cyndi's workshop is in full swing, and everything you'll find in our earring and necklace collections is yours for the asking. 

This downtime has allowed room for sketching out new concepts. Watch this space in the next month or so for a glimpse of some fresh timepieces, and maybe even a sailboat to cruise through your garden. Till then, ahoy matey, and be well !

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