About Route 102

Route 102 HMG is a two person studio based in Queenstown, New Brunswick. Since 2002, we've designed and built original work in copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Our work overlaps and complements one another’s but aside from consultation and the occasional collaboration is created independently. 

Starting with 4’ x 8’ sheets of copper, stainless steel, and aluminum we make clocks and jewellery. Cyndi, an original and dedicated recycler, produces her extensive line of jewellery using the off-cuts from Michael’s work in metal. In addition to regular pieces there have been many and varied one-of-a-kind works over the years.

Our design sense springs from a background in commercial photography. After twenty years as product photographers in Toronto we were seduced by the open space and light of the lower Saint John River Valley. Moving to Queenstown in 1997 gave us the freedom and time to develop in new directions, and in 2002  Route 102 HMG was born. We are self taught artists, driven by an aesthetic honed in the pre-Photoshop days of photography, where everything had to be perfect before making an exposure. That attention to detail has never wavered, and is reflected in all of our work.