Use + Care


Use a good quality AA battery, and check it once a year or so to make sure it doesn't leak. Old batteries can really make a mess!

Always set the time using the dial on the back of the mechanism, and never move the hands with your fingers.

Hold metal clocks by the edges to avoid fingerprints, or with cotton gloves or a soft cloth. The copper clocks are protected with three layers of Conservator's Wax, but the natural oils on your hands can work through the wax and leave a tarnish.

Avoid cleaners and water on metal surfaces, they will remove the protective wax layer. Dust with a dry soft cloth as needed.

Before you hang your clock, check to make sure the hands are straight and not touching. Set the time to 12:00 and then look across the face of the clock ( eyes level with 2:00 and looking towards 10:00 ). The hands should be parallel to each other and to the clock face. If they’re touching, gently bend them back into position.

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Our earrings and necklaces are protected with Conservators's Wax, but can darken over time. Some people prefer this look, but if you want to sparkle them up again, simply soak them in a dish of white vinegar for twenty minutes. Do one item at a time, and don't leave them overnight! Afterwards, rinse in cool water and pat dry.

Between wearing, it helps if you keep jewellery in a zip-loc bag to keep dust and air away from them.