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We fix things. Our 40 year old StudioLAB speakers were showing their age, the foam surrounds were cracked and the sound was fuzzy. The question was, do we try and have them repaired or should we upgrade the entire system and join the modern world? Don't get the wrong impression, we're not Luddites. Much of our music collection is digital, and the input to our archival amp may come as easily from the iPhone as it does from vinyl. There'sĀ still something satisfying though about a set of floor standing speakers that can rattle your teacups!

A quick search turned upĀ, and while the manufacturing side of their business regrettably succumbed to international pressures, they still offer replacement parts and friendly advice. I was pleasantly surprised to get an immediate responseĀ from the owner, Bob Vince, who refoamed the mid-range speakers and sent replacements for the woofers. Impressive! Twenty-four screws and a bit of soldering later and the speakers sound just likeĀ they didĀ in 1982.

We saved some money by going that route, but that's not the main reason for our choice. We believe you should invest in the best you can afford, regardless of what you're buying, then do your utmost to ensure it stays in good working order and avoids the waste stream. Bob V. helped us in our quest, and we'reĀ committed to the same high level of customer service. If your Route 102 goodies need attention we can help, often for free. Repair just makes sense in a disposable world, because we believe in the long run.

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