I could describe the quiet beauty of Queenstown 'till you began to nod and still not do it justice. In the interest of brevity, here are just a few of the 21,349 photos we've taken since landing here in the late 90's. 7,000 words worth, if the old axiom is true.

It begins at the St. John River on a summer day.


Add a small herd, they take summer holiday on the island.

Other denizens enjoy time on the water too.

Of course there's a sunrise.

Our garden's mostly vegetables, with some very happy sunflowers.

Mist in the ravine after 4" of rain in 24 hours - more than we had all year!

Another favourite tree, this one's well up in the woods.

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour. We're taking a break over Christmas,

and will be floating some new ideas in January. Happy New Year! 


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